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Catalog of the exhibition “August Zamoyski. Thinking in Stone”


The exhibition catalog was conceived as a monumental publication, reflecting the structure of the exhibition. It is 510 pages long and contains about 700 illustrations.


We have invited to contribute to the catalog the greatest scholarly authorities able to characterize the work of August Zamoyski, including: Prof. Tadeusz J. Żuchowski, Prof. Janusz Degler, Prof. Andrzej Pieńkos, Prof. Xavier Deryng and curators from the project’s partner institutions. It also includes: two essays by Dr. Anna Lipa, author of the scenario and curator of the exhibition, an introduction to the exhibition and a cross-sectional essay on the life and work of the artist, as well as a comprehensive calendar of the life and work of August Zamoyski as compiled by her.


The catalog section includes: a catalog of sculpture, and catalogs developed for the first time: drawings and the artist’s workshop with tools. The graphic design of the publication was done by outstanding graphic artist Dr. Pawel Osial of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

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Concept and editorial
Scientific and selection of illustrations: Dr. Anna Lipa
Text editing: Agnieszka Papieska, Elżbieta Kosieradzka
Cooperation: Joanna Gondowicz
Proofreading: Lucja Oś-Goś
Graphic design: Dr. Pawel Osial